Leaky Faucets & the Kingdom of God

large_leaky_faucet 2

I received a powerful insight today as I was repairing leaking faucets. It was very practical, yet a teaching moment from Holy Spirit. I had ordered new stem unit assemblies for three leaking faucets. I am not a plumber! I just believed I could do it. I read the instructions and removed the old stem units and installed the new ones. I turned the water back on and the faucets still leaked. I went through the process of removing and reinstalling. Still leaking! As I was going again to turn off the water I had this thought, “take the old stem and put it in the new casing.” I did and the leak stopped!

I believe the Spirit revealed that because of “old” church structures much precious truth (water) has been wasted. The Lord wants to stop the leak. He is not throwing away the old but is taking the old and using new methods of carrying the water (truth). God is not throwing out the baby with the bath water! God is not doing away with the church but instead is now utilizing the Kingdom of God to be a conduit of the truth of Jesus’ Church. No truth will be leaked away in this day. The Kingdom faucet will be opened and Kingdom truths will flow. No more waste!


About Bill Phares/Stir the Fire

DR. WILLIAM H. “BILL” PHARES is a revivalist and author used by God to minister to “hurting” pastors and to bring renewal to thirsty congregations. He is an ordained United Methodist minister and president of Stir the Fire Ministry in Helena, Alabama. He has a Master of Divinity degree from Emory University and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Columbia Theological Seminary. He has pastored for twenty-seven years and has been an evangelist for thirteen years.
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