Constraint: the act of constraining b: the state of being checked, restricted, or compelled to avoid or perform some action. The state of being checked, restricted, or compelled to avoid or perform some action is the best definition that I have found for the “bored” pastor. The pastor’s own feelings are repressed, and this constraint is reason enough for many ministers to quit. I have experienced constraint and can witness to the restriction I felt spiritually, emotionally, and physically. The way I described it, I felt as if a python was squeezing the life out of me and my ability to minister to the congregation. I called my spiritual father and described what I was going through. He immediately told me that it was a spiritual attack of the enemy, and that it was called a python spirit.

 Dr. Madelene Eayrs and Michael Kleu write about the python spirit in their book Who Are You?

The ultimate goal of the python spirit is to break down God’s plans and purposes by attacking those in leadership positions by undermining them through rebellion and anarchy. This spirit works by constricting, squeezing and choking the life of God out of a Spirit-filled Christian, and weighing you down and making it very difficult for you to be free and rise in the Lord’s presence. Breaking all that which helps sustain spiritual life and then cutting off the blood flow and breath to cause death. Its main purpose is to destroy and kill the spiritual life of the Spirit-filled Christian. In the church, it operates by suffocating the life and fire of God like a blanket and quenching the Holy Spirit in our lives and churches.

I realized some leaders in the congregation enjoyed having control and thus became the source of the attack. They were very “religious” and coveted leadership positions. They were the first members to welcome me as the new pastor and the first to turn on me when I did not submit to all their requests. These individuals attempted to micromanage my ministry and tell me how I should lead the church. Having seen them use the same pattern with the two pastors before me, I knew that I could either stay and be miserable or leave. I chose the latter, which in turn led to the beginning of my wilderness experience.


About Bill Phares/Stir the Fire

DR. WILLIAM H. “BILL” PHARES is a revivalist and author used by God to minister to “hurting” pastors and to bring renewal to thirsty congregations. He is an ordained United Methodist minister and president of Stir the Fire Ministry in Helena, Alabama. He has a Master of Divinity degree from Emory University and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Columbia Theological Seminary. He has pastored for twenty-seven years and has been an evangelist for thirteen years.
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